Production Equipment

Hangseng(NingBo) Magnetech Co.,Ltd. . was established in Ningbo China in 2002, we have an annual capacity of 1,000 tons. We have complete production lines including raw material melting, crushing, powdering, pressing, sintering, machining, plating and quality-inspecting, etc. We are specialized in R&D, manufacturing and exporting of NdFeB magnets, Ferrite magnets, SmCo magnets, Alnico magnets ...


QC Equipment
NDFEB Magnets FAQ1. What are rare earth magnets?The term Rare Earth Magnets is used to refer to a group of magnetic materials whose alloys consist of one or more of the Rare Earth elements. These materials are characterized by exceptionally strong magnetic properties.2. Coatings of Neodymium magnetsThe coatings do not affect the magnetic strength......
We insist on the idea that quality is life, and insist to go on the standard to the end, the goal of us is to improve the system to make sure all the products are safe and reliable.Quality: heads from every details. In order to implement the strict quality guarantee system, HSMAG Magnet controls quality from five aspects: Measurement management, process control, traceability control, defective products control, data control.
Technical Parameters